Doble Impacto / Entalla


After the Buena Vista Social Club’s introduction in Europe, Cuban music is in the spotlights.

But there is more in Cuba than talented old musicians. There are also an abundance of popular young and innovative bands, such Doble Impacto, a Belgium-based authentic Cuban top band, which set the salsa-world in motion with their very special sound.

Founded in Antwerp in November 1998, the Latin music band is led by the dynamic composer-instrumentalist Juan Carlos Rosquete (director). Originally consisting of 4 musicians (1998), Doble Impacto expanded to 9 professional musicians since 2005.

Caribbean/Latin music such as salsa, merengue, have gained significant momentum in Europe in recent years. Along with this evolution, Doble Impacto also evolved into one of the most popular and most booked Latin bands in Belgium and the neighbouring countries. 

Doble Impacto is a modern band with a powerful and unique sound. All songs performed are own compositions! 

The repertoire include a mix of popular Latin styles like Salsa, merengue, Reggaeton, Pop latino among others. This mix results in a surprising beautiful and original oeuvre, which counts with the preference of all generation crow. The high musicality, energy and fun content of their performances is focussed in sweeping the audience off its feet. Even the furniture will swing along. 

The group has also had the honour of sharing a stage with the big names in the world of salsa, such as Manolito y su trabuco, Orquesta Aragón, Ricardo Lembo , Grupo Gale, and Flemish artists such as Helmut Lotti, Will Tura, Gunter Neefs, Jasmine, X-session, Milk inc.; they also performed in radio and television productions and at major festivals in Europe (e.g. North Sea Jazz Festival, Antilliaanse Feesten, ...). 

In addition to festivals and major events, Doble Impacto also performs at company and private parties and lots of other events.  

The band is a warrantee to a successful show. There is place even for the non-salsa followers as a mini-salsa and merengue initiation is given during their performance.

We describe the Band in three words: energy, power and hart.


Que viva la fiesta!




Cohibar 2010

Plan Beat

"New Style, New Sensation.."


This ambitious project is a mix of Cuban and Latin rhythms influenced by Pop, rock, jazz and Afrobeat.


Salsa-Rock, Jazz-Reggae, Conga-Samba are among others the result of this work that reaches all audiences.


Inspired by the music of Carlos Santana, Miles David, Bob Marley and all Afro-Cuban/Latin traditional music, Plan Beat invites you to live an unforgettable concert.



In Plan Beat (to be released soon)

RSA Jazz



The project started in duo-Latin Way, and grew into a 4-piece band with musicians from different nationalities which give the band a special dimension.


The repertoire includes original pieces which are the consequence of a big fusion of Jazz with different Latin styles like Rumba, Cuban son, Cha cha cha, Mambo, Samba, Blues, Mozambique, and Bolero.


RSA Jazz gives the audience an opportunity to enjoy a wide cultural and musical exchange performed by top level musicians and directed to all kind of audience.

Something not to miss…..



La suite de la Belguique (to be released soon)

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